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    Tuesday, May 29th, 2012
    5:27 pm
    Mermaids Test

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    Tuesday, September 29th, 2009
    6:16 pm
    paranormal activity
    The film is about a young couple named Katie and Michah.
    Katie tells Michah that she has been hunted and hurt by a demon all her life.
    She believes it has followed her to their new home.
    He thinks it all bullshit but starts taping what happens in the home while they sleep.
    At first it is just bangs and doors opening by themselves but it gets worse fast.
    They put baby powder around their bed to try and see what this thing could be. They wake to find goat/demon like tracks all around their bed.
    They try and use a Quija Board to learn the name of the demon but the board burst into flames.
    They go to a Demonologist who tells Katie that she can't run from the demon because it has been following her all of her life.
    They begin to see a demon at night on their bed room door and Michah finds a book about demons
    the next day laying open. The photo is of a demon with a devil head and the body of a goat with a huge penis.
    It is clear this thing wants Katie and has all of her life.
    The last night of tape we see Katie get out of bed and swing back and forth over Michah for what the tape says is two hours.
    She then goes down stairs off camera and we hear her begin to scream, Michah runs down stairs to help her.
    There is much screaming and then all is quiet.
    It is at this part that would freak the hell out of me.
    We then see Michah come flying in the room and land on the bed dead.
    Katie enters the room covered in blood and sniffs Michah like an animal.
    The camera is still rolling and Katie goes right up to it ** shudder ** smiles a bloody smile at the camera and then becomes the demon and attacks the camera!!
    The film ends with a police report. Michah was found dead in their home the next day and Katie was never found.
    The demon finally has Katie forever.

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